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If clients need to cancel their appointment for any reason, it is important that they inform their therapist as soon as possible. If clients provide least 48 hours notice of cancellation prior to their scheduled appointment, they may be able to reschedule their appointment within three business days without incurring a charge (pending appointment availability). If clients provide less than 48 hours notice of cancellation and do not reschedule, they will be charged in full for the appointment time.

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Our psychotherapists accept Georgetown Student Health Insurance. Other than that, we are not an in-network provider with any insurance carriers and do not participate directly with managed care companies. However, our services may be eligible for reimbursement as out-of-network providers. Clients should contact their insurance providers directly by calling the customer service number on the back their insurance cards in order to review out of network coverage for mental health services. Please contact us directly to discuss billing inquiries related to our practice.

Guidance on determining your out of network benefits

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  • Initial Phone Consultation (up to 15 minutes): Free

Fees starting at:

  • Initial Therapy Intake Session: $250 (60 min); $300 (90 min)

  • Individual Therapy Session, Adults: $180 (50 min)  | Adolescents: $200.00 (50 min) 

  • Family Therapy Session: $225 (50 minutes) 

  • Eating Disorder Assessment + Treatment Recommendation appointment (90 min consult): $500

  • Nutrition Intake Appointment (60 min) $185.000

  • Nutrition Follow Up Appointment (30 min) $100.00

*Please note: These are our base rates. Our fees vary based on provider, client age, and type of service provided. Please contact us directly for an individualized fee schedule. 

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We strongly believe in the value of working collaboratively with other providers and prefer to coordinate with our clients' treatment teams whenever possible. We can provide referral lists for outpatient providers including dietitians, primary care providers, psychiatrists, family therapists and more if you feel that you would benefit from the support of a multi-disciplinary treatment team.

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