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Hi! I'm Sara.  I am the founder of Greenhouse Psychotherapy. I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in DC and Maryland specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, & adjustment issues. I work with adolescent and adult clients of all genders,  with a special interest in treating college  students and young adults. In my free time, I specialize in petting strangers' dogs and buying way too many plants.

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phone: 301-775-3201

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I founded Greenhouse Psychotherapy with the belief that clients deserve individualized,  personal care from providers they connect with on a human level. I never want clients to feel like just another number at my practice;  I want them to feel like we have an authentic  personal relationship. 

I've found that my clients thrive when provided with a safe, supportive environment tailored to their needs. In that sense,  I believe therapy functions much like a greenhouse; that is, it provides optimal conditions for accelerated growth.


I don't believe something needs to be "wrong" for people to benefit from therapy. In fact, many of my clients don't necessarily "need" therapy to function-- much like most plants don't "need" a greenhouse in order to grow... but the supportive environment certainly helps them thrive!



Sara received her BA in Psychology from Elon University and earned her Master's in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Prior to starting her own private practice, she worked at two eating disorder treatment facilities where she received extensive training. In addition to her work with the ED population, she also see clients experiencing anxiety, adjustment issues, ADHD, bipolar disorder and more.


Maryland License: LC8722

DC License: PRC15118

NPI #: 1831645936

Tax ID: 86-1794427

DC Board of Professional Counseling

MD Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists

Notice of Privacy Practices


Advisor: Pivotal Moments Media

Member: American Counseling Association

Member: Association for Size Diversity and Health

Member: International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals

Treatment Partner: Project Heal, HEALers Circle

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