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Prior to meeting, we invite prospective clients to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation in order to get a better sense of whether our partnership would be a good fit for your needs.

Talking with someone who offers you undivided attention is an enriching form of self care.

After the initial phone consultation, clients may schedule a 60-90 minute intake session. After the initial intake appointment, we see most clients on a weekly basis, but are able to adjust session frequency as needed.

We offer family/couples counseling & support person sessions as needed, typically on a short-term basis.

When navigating the complex issues presented by eating disorders or other mental health conditions, clients benefit from family/ support person engagement in order to promote a sustainable recovery. We aim to empower family members by providing psychoeducation on your loved one's condition, as well as teaching practical tools to help you offer emotional support and reinforce positive behavior change.


Please note: Because of the essential role of parent involvement, I require all adolescent clients to participate in concurrent family therapy while in treatment with me. I provide referrals to trusted family therapy providers in the area for those without an existing family therapist.

Eating disorder assessments & treatment recommendations. 

Many clients feel overwhelmed by the prospect of seeking treatment for a suspected or diagnosed eating disorder. I offer eating disorder consultation services to assist clients (and their families) in diagnosing disordered eating patterns, and formulating appropriate next steps by recommending treatment options.

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