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Greenhouse Psychotherapy
Billing & FAQ

We deal with insurance so you don't have to!

All you need to do is give us your insurance information, and we'll handle the rest.  


How it works: 

(1) You pay us up front at the time of your appointment.

(2) We submit out-of-network claims to your insurance provider on your behalf.

(3) Your insurance provider reimburses you directly. 

It's that simple.

Rates & Insurance



Initial Phone Consultation: Free

Therapy: Rates starting at $175/ session

Nutrition: Rates starting at $100/ session

Speech Language Pathology: Rates starting at $190/ session

Eating Disorder Assessments: Starting at $500

Please note: these are our base rates. Rates very based on clinician and services provided. Please contact us for a specific provider fee schedule


Billing & Insurance

Our psychotherapists accept Georgetown Student Health Insurance.

We are Tricare approved non-network, non-participating providers (meaning, eligible Tricare plans will allow you to use your out-of-network benefits with us.)


Other than that, we are private pay providers, and our services are considered "out-of-network". That means if your insurance plan provides out-of-network coverage, you may be able to receive reimbursement for our services. 

For those who do have out-of-network insurance benefits, we are able to submit claims for reimbursement on your behalf once full payment has been collected.

See below for guidance on determining your out-of-network benefits


Scheduling & Cancellations

If clients need to cancel their appointment for any reason, it is important that they inform their provider as soon as possible. If clients provide least 48 hours notice of cancellation prior to their scheduled appointment, they may be able to reschedule their appointment within three business days without incurring a charge (pending appointment availability). If clients provide less than 48 hours notice of cancellation and do not reschedule, they will be charged in full for the appointment time.



How do I know if I have out-of-network insurance coverage?

We  recommend that all clients call the customer service number located on the back of their insurance card ask the following questions:​ Does my insurance plan have an out-of-network benefit for psychotherapy (CPT codes 90791, 90837 and 90834)? What is my out-of-network deductible for outpatient mental health services? Is pre-approval required before starting treatment? Is there a limit on the number of sessions covered per year? After meeting my deductible, what is the coverage amount per session with an out-of-network provider for [insert CPT Code]?


What do I need to know before calling my insurance provider?

When calling your insurance, you may need the following information to determine coverage/ reimbursement for our services: 1) Your Provider's Name, License Number, and NPI (can be found on their profile) 2) Practice Address, Group NPI, & Tax ID ​ Address: 1807 Belmont Rd NW Ste 207 Washington, DC 20009 Group NPI: 1174221386 Tax ID: 86-1794427 3) CPT Codes Therapy services: 90791 (initial intake evaluation; 90837 (60 min therapy session); 90834 (45 min therapy session) Nutrition services: 97802 & 97803 (medical nutrition therapy) Speech Language Pathology: 92523- Comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluation; 92507 - Individual Speech-Language Therapy


What if I can't afford your full fee?

We are committed to making our services more accessible in a variety of ways including: -Offering need-based reduced rate fees to clients who would otherwise not be able to afford therapy--particularly those clients with marginalized identities. -Offering pro bono services through Project Heal. -Assisting clients in negotiating single case agreements.  Our reduced fee slots are in high demand, and fill up quickly. You are welcome to contact us to inquire about being added to our waitlist for reduced fee services. Alternatively, you may check if you are a candidate for assistance through Project Heal or Pro Bono Counseling Project


Tell me about your ongoing clinical training

We are self-proclaimed nerds, and we're constantly engaging in new clinical trainings because we love learning. Here are just a few examples of the continuing education trainings our providers have participated in recently: -​EMDR Basic Training (Rebecca Kase & Co. 2023-2024) -Treatment Strategies for Perfectionism and OCD (NOCD Academy, 2023) -Couple and Family Therapy Training through Role-Play (Jonah Green & Associates, 2022-2023) -Supporting High School Students with School-Related Anxiety and School Avoidance (The Dorm, 2023)


What are your values as an organization?

Social justice is at the heart of our values, which is why we reserve reduced fee/ pro-bono slots to make therapy more accessible for clients with multiple marginalized identities, who experience more barriers to treatment. We pledge to continue our education around how to best support historically marginalized individuals, with emphasis on identifying our own privilege and biases related to race, sexuality, gender, age, body shape or size, income, ability and more. ​ Another important value is authenticity. We recognize that in order to create a safe space for clients to embrace their authentic selves, we as clinicians must be willing to show up authentically. We believe therapists can maintain a professional atmosphere while also showing their real, human personalities-- flaws and all.


How can I get my needs met once I start therapy?

We believe in the importance of collaborative care. Throughout the course of treatment, we periodically check in with clients to solicit feedback about how they think the process is going. We are always open to feedback about how to best meet your needs, and can modify your treatment plan accordingly. ​ We also use data to help determine whether the therapy we are providing is actually helping. By periodically administering assessments to evaluate clients' symptoms (e.g. depression and/or anxiety symptom inventories, etc.), we can track whether clients are making progress toward their identified goals.

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