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Meet The Greenhouse Psychotherapy Team.

At Greenhouse Psychotherapy, we believe in holistic treatment that supports both physical and psychological wellbeing. Some of our clients see just one provider at Greenhouse, while others benefit from having a "one stop shop"-- where they can see multiple clinicians and enjoy the benefits of having all of their care in-house.

Our multidisciplinary treatment team serves as a great step down option for clients transitioning out of a higher level of care treatment program, or those who would benefit from a more comprehensive approach. We love working collaboratively to provide wraparound care.

Get To Know Us

"This insightful conversation with Dr. Sabrina Taylor and Sara Battista from Greenhouse Psychotherapy focuses on establishing and sustaining a routine for holistic well-being. Delving into the profound link between emotional regulation and healthy routines, they emphasize the steadiness these practices offer during life's transitions and challenges. The conversation highlights the vital role of quality sleep in mental health and success while exploring mental fitness tools like self-assessment, goal-setting, and cultivating positive habits. The two mental health experts recommend grounding techniques such as breathwork and mindfulness for staying present and effectively navigating interruptions. The discussion further advocates adapting to life's fluctuations, embracing exercise and early mornings for positive shifts, responding to challenges with intention, and celebrating personal successes."

Let's Work Together

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