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Eating Disorder Assessment & Consultation Services

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Many clients feel overwhelmed by the prospect of seeking treatment following an eating disorder diagnosis and/or identification of disordered eating patterns. It can be challenging to determine whether an individual even meets the criteria for an eating disorder in the first place, and overwhelming to determine next steps. 


We offer eating disorder consultation services to help guide clients through the process of understanding their symptoms, determining whether treatment is necessary, and connecting with the appropriate resources accordingly. 

Think you or a loved one may have an eating disorder?

Recently diagnosed with an ED and not sure what to do next?

Overwhelmed by treatment options?

Looking for a second opinion?


Our Process

Step 1 


An assessment is the first step for those seeking guidance around the possibility that they (or their loved one) may have an eating disorder. We understand the worry about what that possible eating disorder could mean, and uncertainty about how to seek help in the event that treatment is needed.​ We have expertise in providing these answers to clients and their families.

Step 2

Treatment Recommendations

Because we are not affiliated with any treatment programs, we are able to offer treatment recommendations without the bias of trying to "sell" you on any one program in particular. We have strong connections with both local and national eating disorder treatment centers, and have developed a good sense of each program's various strengths.


Similarly, we are able to screen clients out of higher level of care programs if they are a better fit for outpatient care, or if they need a service other than eating disorder treatment to address their concerns. When indicated, we can recommend a full outpatient treatment team (including any or all of the following: individual therapist, dietitian, psychiatrist, family therapist, group therapy, primary care provider) so that clients leave the assessment with a plan in place.


We work closely with multidisciplinary eating disorder specialists across the DC Metro area on a regular basis, and therefore can recommend outpatient providers based on each client's specific needs (and wants!)

Step 3

Consultation Services

Based on the information collected during the assessment, we will provide a diagnosis if applicable, as well as a recommendation for one of the following levels of care when appropriate: Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Day Treatment Program/ Partial Hospitalization Program (DTP/ PHP), Residential Treatment, Inpatient. We will also explain the difference between these levels of care.


We will then provide a referral list accordingly, and consult with clients and/or their families to support them in pursuing next steps. We offer extensive education and support throughout the assessment process and beyond. 


Sara Battista, LCPC, LPC has been conducting "level of care assessments" for clients with suspected or confirmed eating disorders since 2016, when she began working at an eating disorder treatment center.


Since transitioning into a private practice setting, Sara has discovered a passion for helping clients connect with treatment settings that will best meet their unique needs. She takes factors such as gender, age, and co-occurring mental health conditions into consideration when making treatment recommendations.

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